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Upcoming Events

Southside Summer Fest, Jackson

Join Nation Outside as we co-sponsor the Southside Summer Fest in Jackson, MI. The Southside Summer Fest consists of four days throughout the summer: Black Arts Fest (May 29th), Juneteenth Freedom Fest (June 19th), Local Artist Music Fest (July 24th), and Black Business Expo Fest (August 28th).

We will have a booth at all four events where we will be sharing information about Clean Slate and record expungement in Michigan. See you there, in the Elnora Moorman Plaza, on the corner of Milwaukee and High Street.

Genesee County Expungement Fair

Register to attend the Genesee County Expungement Fair in Flint, MI on June 2nd from 9am - 8pm.


This event is for convictions in Genesee County only. Attendance on the date of the Expungement Fair is REQUIRED for eligible participants to take advantage of this event.

There will be other fairs scheduled around the state.

Past Events

Day of Empathy 2021

Join Nation Outside as we co-sponsor the Annual Day of Empathy this year on Tuesday, March 2, 2021. The Day of Empathy is a day of action based on reflection of the millions of people that are currently or previously incarcerated in the United States of America. Planned events bring people and organizations together from across all 50 states to cultivate empathy in elected officials and lift up the stories of our justice-impacted brothers and sisters.

Registration to attend the virtual panels is live. You can also register for the national event sponsored by Dream Corps here.

DOE 2021.png

Get Out The Vote Campaign 

From October '20 to November '20, Nation Outside and its partner organizations hosted 8 Get Out The Vote (GOTV) events to support voting rights for justice-impacted people. These events called out voter suppression messaging that's contributed to low voter turnout rates among the justice-involved community. To combat these messages, Nation Outside’s GOTV events registered an estimated 500 people to vote, had places to drop off absentee ballots, and performed widespread voter education to attendees. Check out the media below to see how the events turned out and who we partnered with!

Michigan State University Criminal Justice Professor, Jennifer Cobbina, sharing her thoughts on the history-making GOTV Jailhouse Ballot March in Flint, MI

Day of Empathy 

Since 2017, Nation Outside has co-hosted a national Day of Empathy (DOE) with partners such as the Michigan Center for Youth Justice (MCYJ), Safe & Just Michigan (SJM), and others, to inspire a national movement towards building empathy for Americans impacted by the criminal-legal system. Over the years, the purpose of the event has changed. One year, the event targeted themes of hope, redemption, and humanity to create new legislation supporting the justice-involved community. Another year, legislation like Raise the Age Package, Clean Slate, and the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act were discussed to stimulate new ideas on how to promote and support the upcoming legislative bills. Check out the media below to see what we are capable of when we come together to promote empathy for our community!

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