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Demetrius Titus is a Program Associate  with American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Michigan Criminal Justice Program. In is role at AFSC, Demetrius manages The Good Neighbor Project, in which restorative justice practices and principles are applied through a  “co-mentorship” program between community partners and incarcerated citizen who are serving Life sentence and Long Indetermintate sentence (LID’S) in Michigan prisons. He also works with incarcerated citizens in Michigan around different issues of their incarceration.


Prior to working with AFSC, Demetrius was incarcerated for 18 years in the Michigan Department of Corrections.  Demetrius has seen the prison system from both sides and understands the struggles people face after prison.  After his release in 2009, he worked hard to make a new start and a new career, beginning in factory work and eventually becoming a manager in the hospitality industry.  Demetrius also did extensive volunteer work in the Juvenile Detention Center in Detroit. By 2016, the time felt right to make his part-time criminal justice reform work full-time with AFSC.


Demetrius currently serves as the Executive Director of a Non-Profit Second Chance House “Hope House” and sits on the boards of Nation Outside, the Youth Justice Fund, and the Michigan Prison Doula Initiative.