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What You Need to Know About Automatic Expungements

Prior to April 11, 2023, people seeking to expunge their criminal records had to petition the court. That has all changed with the second phase of Michigan's Clean Slate Act. Under the new process allows convictions to be expunged through an automated system run by the State of Michigan, in conjunction with the existing network
of courts throughout Michigan. Click here to find out more!

Learn more about MI’s Clean Slate Act:

Learn more about MI's automated expungement process:


What Types of Offenses Are Ineligible For Automatic Expungement?

Some offenses are ineligible for automatic expungement by may be able to be expunged through the petition process.

  • Crimes of Dishonesty - e.g. Felony Embezzlement or Uttering and Publishing

  • Any offense punishable by 10 or more years - e.g. Home Invasion 1st or Unarmed Robbery.

  • Any Human Trafficking violation

  • Any violation of MCL 777.1 to 777.69, which involves injury, serious impairment or death, a minor or vulnerable adult

  • Any other conviction listed under MCL 780.621c which is ineligible for expungement through the petition process.

Are You Eligible?

As seen in the table, Michigan’s automated expungement process can be broken down into four main components. Each component is responsible for the expungement of a specific type of offense.


Find out more about eligibility HERE.

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