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Welcome to Nation Outside


Who We Are 

Nation Outside is a statewide organization in Michigan with the mission to drive policy and practice reforms that build transformative systems of support for justice impacted people. We work with our directly impacted peers in Michigan communities to empower them with knowledge of the political and legislative processes and inspire them to civic engagement through voting, advocacy, and leadership.

Why Do We Say "Formerly Incarcerated Person"?

There are many different terms people use to refer to formers, including felon, ex-convict, and offender. In our advocacy, we use either "formerly incarcerated person" or "returning citizen" to recognize these individuals as humans and honor their human capacity and right to thrive, and to exist in their communities as equal to their neighbors.

"Nation Outside is empowering people with lived experience to reengage fully as citizens in our democracy and have a voice in policies that impact them and their communities." 

- Allan Wachendorfer


Reduce Stigma



What can

you do?

Our voice is as strong as our members, join the movement today! Receive the Nation Outside newsletter to hear of events, policy updates, and stories of our members.

Attend a Nation Outside meeting, volunteer at an event, forward the newsletter to your own networks to share the success stories of formers.

We are a new and still developing organization and we need your help to build capacity! Donate today to Nation Outside to directly support formers and criminal justice reform efforts in Michigan.

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