Justin Counts

A community soldier is someone who is willing to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. Justin Counts has always been willing to fight for the ones he loved. Growing up in the inner-city in New Jersey, he saw firsthand the effects of poverty, trauma, and many other adverse conditions. Moving to Michigan in 2005 for a fresh start, it wasn’t long before he ended up entrenched in Michigan’s justice system.


Justin made the decision to work twice as hard when released to make sure others didn’t follow his path. Since his release in 2015, Justin has worked for some of the top non-profit organizations in Jackson such as, Community Action Agency, and Jackson Housing Commission. Using his skills to connect with all types of people Justin will bring passion and fresh energy to Nation Outside as an engagement specialist. He is eager to use his voice to fulfill our collective goal of creating transformative systems of support for justice impacted people.