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Antoniese (Tony) Gant is our Director of Policy and Program Operations. He believes that directly impacted people should have the power to impact the political process so that their communities are safe and vibrant, with real opportunities and support for people who have been incarcerated.


Tony was incarcerated within the Michigan Department of Corrections for 20 years, from 1995 to 2015. He has organized successful campaigns around housing and employment for directly impacted people. Tony is currently working with incarcerated people about their experiences of COVID-19 in prison, focusing on people serving long sentences and life. He is also currently working to improve jail voting policies in the state of Michigan. Tony is a 2021 Leading with Conviction Fellow with JustLeadershipUSA, & is also a father, author (Midnight Whispers), and business owner (T&T Lawn Care, @Gantlawncare). 

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