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Trauma-Informed Peer-Led Reentry

TIPLR is a unique program that combines the power of lived experience and trauma-informed coaching to help individuals navigate the challenges of reenty and prevent recidivism.

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  • Support in obtaining critical documents and accessing community resources.

  • Assistance in securing stable housing and finding employment or enrolling in educational/vocational programs,

  • Guidance in obtaining medical insurance and connecting with healthcare providers.

If you or a loved one are approaching reentry and want to learn more about being involved with TIPLR, contact the program here!

Who is TIPLR?

Meet the TIPLR Team!

What is the TIPLR Difference?

People often ask what makes Nation Outside Trauma-Informed Peer-Led Reentry (TIPLR) so different and effective. It can be tough to answer simply, because there are many factors.

But all agree the key ingredient is the relationship between Peers and Peer Navigators, a trust built on shared experience.

And this is best told by someone who's been there. Watch TIPLR Peer Angel Wheatley share her life-changing experience with the program at the TIPLR Graduation at Ford Field in Detroit.


How to Join:

Express Interest: Contact TIPLR via email or phone. 


Phone: 313-241-4037


Program Assessment: TIPLR will meet with you to conduct an assessment.


Program Enrollment: If accepted, you will receive further information on the program and the next steps to enroll.

Participate and Thrive: Engage in coaching sessions, group networking, and community events to make the most of your TIPLR experience.

Counties Served: Genesee, Ingham, Kalamazoo, Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, Washtenaw.

In March 2024 Nation Outside and the Michigan Department of Corrections jointly announced a bold new collaboration

Expanding Peer Led Reentry Through a Groundbreaking Partnership


As the spring season unfolds, so too does the Nation Outside Trauma-Informed Peer-Led Reentry (TIPLR) program, poised for unprecedented growth. We are delighted to announce a historic partnership between Nation Outside and the Michigan Department of Corrections, aimed at expanding the reach and impact of TIPLR to provide essential services to individuals reintegrating into communities across the state.


A Shared Vision for Success


At its core, this partnership underscores a shared vision for the successful reintegration of individuals into society. Both Nation Outside and the Michigan Department of Corrections are aligned in their commitment to promoting successful reentry, enhancing community safety, and reducing recidivism rates. By harnessing the effectiveness of Trauma-Informed Peer-Led Reentry, we strive to address the underlying needs of individuals and empower them to build fulfilling and productive lives beyond the confines of the criminal legal system.


Expanding Access and Enhancing Services


The infusion of a $2 million earmark from the state of Michigan through the Michigan Department of Corrections marks a pivotal moment for the TIPLR initiative, enabling a substantial increase in its capacity and geographic coverage. From its origins as a pilot program in Oakland and Washtenaw county funded by the Michigan Justice Fund and the Oakland County Community Corrections - Step Forward program, TIPLR will now extend its services to parolees in seven counties across Michigan, including Oakland, Kalamazoo, Genesee, Wayne, Washtenaw, Ingham and Macomb.


We are partnering with Wayne State University's School of Social Work, Center for Behavioral Health and Justice to evaluate this pilot program. Together, we are committed to rigorously assessing the impact and effectiveness of the TIPLR initiative in supporting successful reentry outcomes for individuals across Michigan.


In Conclusion


As we embark on this journey of expansion and collaboration, we remain dedicated to serving those impacted by the legal system. The Nation Outside TIPLR program stands as a testament to our collective commitment to fostering positive change and supporting individuals on their journey toward reintegration. Together, we are paving the way for a brighter future, one where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

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We applaud the Biden-Harris administration for pushing to expand access to healthcare in the Medicaid program to those currently incarcerated people who are transitioning back into our communities. As a result, the U.S. the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), announced a new opportunity for states to help increase care for individuals who are incarcerated in the period immediately prior to their release to help them succeed and thrive during reentry. (CMS 4/17/23 Letter)

Likewise, we support the efforts of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) in expanding Targeted Case Management (TCM) (2307-TCM) as a demonstration project to people who are and who have been incarcerated. 



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