Who We Are

How We Got Started

Nation Outside was born out of a meeting between collaborating criminal justice advocacy groups. While people who have been directly impacted by the justice system were represented in this groups, there wasn’t a group present with the sole mission of bringing the voices of those who have been most affected by the criminal justice system to the discussion.


Nation Outside believes that those who have been directly impacted by the justice system must have a seat at the table.

Nation Outside seeks to organize and activate people who have experienced incarceration, family, friends, and allies to use their experienced voices to  help create more effective policies, a better-informed public, and promote civic engagement among formers and their networks.

Nation Outside is a movement to let policy-makers know that we need policies and systems in place that address root causes, promote healing, and result in more stable communities. 

Meet our Steering Committee

Kevin Harris
Project Coordinator
Nicholas Buckingham
Hakim Crampton
Jackson Chapter
Monica Jahner
Elisheva Johnson
Aaron Suganuma
Allan Wachendorfer
Tony Gant
Jackson Chapter
Robert Olive
Detroit Chapter
Joseph Williams
Sandra Girard
Josh Hoe
Troy Reinstra
Ronald Simpson-Bey
Debra Wright

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