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Get Involved

Attend Nation Outside chapter meetings!
Get involved with a chapter near you to directly impact the criminal justice issues in your community and support your formerly incarcerated neighbors. 
Nation Outside is involved in and coordinates many events in partnership with other criminal justice advocacy organizations, and we need your help! When you sign up to become a member, indicate if you are able to volunteer with us, or reach out to us through social media or by email if you want to volunteer for a specific event.
Follow us on social media and share our posts!
Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to be a part of our community and receive regular updates about important criminal justice issues and Nation Outside activities. The more people are aware of these issues the stronger our movement will be. So please like, comment, share, and retweet!
Share success stories of formerly incarcerated people or of others who have been impacted by the justice system!
Part of our mission is to share these stories with our members and community to reduce the stigma attached to being a formerly incarcerated person. Please share these stories with your family, friends, and communities! To share your own story, click here.
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